Lovett or Leave it

I’m a big fan of the podcast Lovett of Leave it, brought to us by the chaps and dames at Crooked Media.

A weekly round up of the American political situation, packed into 40 minutes of hilarity as well as experienced insight into Washington’s machinations. The panel varies from political leaders, grassroots activists and organisers, writers and comics, and an impressive representation of identities.

As the most amateur of hacks, capable only really of repetition, I thought I’d transcribe a few bits and pieces. Re-listening and typing these prose out was a joy in itself.

Aunt Becky for President, 16 March


Following a Fox and Friends segment claiming Medicare for All would take away all other forms of insurance.


Akilah Hughes: How can you just lie? Like, I know it’s Fox News, but just like, people are just blatantly lying!?


John: So, here’s how you do it:


Basically, it takes some time but I think first you allow little bits of deception into the way you think about the world. Over time, as you sit in front of the camera, day after day, you don’t realise but with each morning, as you more and more adapt the talking points that come from higher up, you slowly lose the part of yourself that noticed that there was a difference. You then create a different version of yourself. There’s the version of yourself that’s on camera, that’s the person who reads what’s in the prompter. Then there’s the version of yourself that’s decent and kind and honest in your personal dealings and, increasingly, you view the person that you are on camera, in this studio, as not you but the you that’s on Fox News – the you that’s doing a job, the you that made compromises along the way to be this person that understands that there’re trade-offs between the money. That, ultimately, you view yourself as being a good person who makes some compromises not a compromised person who occasionally does some good. And, over time, as you repeatedly violate the basic tenets of who you are as a person, as you repeatedly undermine your sense of right and wrong, you get further and further away from even being able to hear the difference to the point where you can say literally anything. Where you can sit in front of a camera and say “Up is Down” and “Black is White” and “Trump is innocent and Schiff should be impeached”. That you can get yourself to the point where you can say a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g


I think that’s how it might happen.

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