The Broken Fourth Estate


On Monday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock hurried over to Leeds to get a grip on the scandal caused by photos of a 4 year old boy receiving medical treatment on the floor of Leeds General’s A&E.


Unsurprisingly, he was not met with open arms. Accosted by several angry locals and Labour activists, at one point, one of Hancock’s aids walks into the a Labour activist from behind. The established press exploded with news of Labour activists turning violent and assaulting the gentleman.


We know the media is bias. It is not difficult to quantify* nor difficult to understand – there is no conspiracy theory, merely the very Anglican fact that, when access to the media is the exclusive reserve of the upper middle classes, the media generally has an upper middle class bias. What continues to astound me, however, is how increasingly debased the profession has become. Perhaps it is a symptom of social media, whose clickbait profits have helped kill investigative journalism and spawn “client journalism” (Peter Oborne’s term for ‘journalism as decoration of power, or court reporting’. In other words, vanity pieces in exchange for privileged access, as exemplified by Laura Kuenssberg). Perhaps the unmeritocratic social order has reduced the qualitative stock of our journalists or, maybe, it is our own partisanship which has rendered balanced reporting an unwanted anachronism and perpetuated sensationalist commentators blind to their own hyperreality (Baudrillard’s term for “reality” as presented by a media largely reporting on other media reports).


Either way, all we know is the media revealed their hand with how desperately quickly they pointed the finger and the silly wanker walked into the bloke’s hand.


Judge for yourself:


http://Labour Activist Wrongly Accused Punching Tory Adviser

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