Below is the best and most informative piece I have read regarding the pandemic – indeed, read and reread.


‘Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now’, Tomas Pueyo


Britain’s response seems woefully poor so far. While context is very important and Britain, like everywhere else, faces particular challenges requiring particular solutions, the current action (or lack thereof) answers none of these.


Given the precarious work and poverty of many citizens, rent referrals, mortgage holidays, raised statutory sick pay and other measures would appear necessary steps to sustainably shut down. However, they fly in the face of a political system in a firm state of regulatory capture.


I heard today that Johnson is seeking to increase the production of air filters in preparation for hospital overload. Our GCSE Geography students learn the hazard cycle model – mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery – Boris has decided to skip the first step entirely and is keeling into the third. But don’t worry, it’s also been announced the NHS can purchase extra capacity of the private sector if necessary – Wohooo!


On a personal note, I also have to say a great “För Helvete!” to my adopted home, Sweden. Despite having seemingly everything in their favour, their complete lack of early action has doomed them to be a severe case.

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