Something between the Wild West and an annexed state under martial law


A great read for anyone wanting to know more about the details of US policing and real world, actionable change that can be enacted immediately.


Main takeaways:


  • The US is the wild fucking west and I had no idea how astoundingly unregulated those crime syndicates were.
  • A major part of that lack of oversight is the immense strength and influence of the police unions.


As an old fashioned Socialist, it’s not often I oppose union influence but a radical shift needs to take place to shape the market in which the police union operates.



‘How to Actually Fix America’s Police’, Stoughton, Noble, Alpert in The Atlantic

“Playing the refs”

If you’re not abreast of these phenomena, than you’re simply not involved. Enjoy…

‘Trump Is Doing All of This for Zuckerberg’, Zeynep Tufekci

“Playing the refs by browbeating them has long been a key move in the right-wing playbook against traditional media. The method is simple: It involves badgering them with accusations of unfairness and bias so that they bend over backwards to accommodate a “both sides” narrative even when the sides were behaving very differently, or when one side was not grounded in fact. Climate-change deniers funded by fossil-fuel companies effectively used this strategy for decades, relying on journalists’ training and instinct to equate objectivity with representing both sides of a story. This way of operating persisted even when one of the sides was mostly bankrolled by the fossil-fuel industry while the other was a near-unanimous consensus of independent experts and academics.”