Nothing to see here! [bar the slow creep of totalitarianism]

Cummings at it again! This time dishing out public money in exchange for political favours. In this case, requiring recipients to publicly fawn over the party, to bend the knee. Must have gotten this one out of the North Korean playbook.

Daisy Jackson, ‘Theatres were instructed to ‘publicly thank’ the Government for lifeline grants’, Manchester Evening News

Rigged and Rotten

A short run through some of the painfully obvious ways in which Disaster Capitalism – operating through US-idolising, Social Darwinist meritocrats – stretched out its slimy tentacles from No.10 Downing Street and fucked the shit out of the country. Happy Birthday NHS… Enjoy..

‘The Pro-Privatization Shock Therapy of the UK’s Covid Response’, Rachel Shabi