In a time of demagoguery, “impartiality” and “establishing the facts” are contradictory terms. Another sterling example of the Fourth Estate failing the people, speaking for power and making a mockery of the facts. Enjoy 😏

‘Why is the BBC bending to the Government’s definition of impartiality?’, Owen Jones

“When faced with a very clear choice between yielding to government pressure or serving viewers by telling them the truth, BBC management, shamefully, chose the former,” says one Newsnight source. “BBC bosses believe this helps preserve the organisation. All it will really do is sign its death warrant.” 

The Sunday Times


In a week that saw leaked documents revealing Boris’ Brexit deal will, contrary to his statements, create a border between Northern Ireland and mainland Britain, the Sunday Times decided to lead with this front cover, showing Boris shaking hands with Santa and a very evil looking Corbyn attached to a front page reviewing old anti-Semitism investigations into Labour Party members (not politicians, I should stress, simply people who paid the membership fee online).


Oh yeah, and a fun piece about a happy doctor…