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Not with a bang but with a whimper


First they came for the student’s vote and I said nothing, for I was not a student and students didn’t agree with me anyway.


‘Early election date was to limit student vote, admits Boris Johnson aide’, Jonathon Read


The Basic Law of the Federal German Republic reserves the “Right of Resistance” for all citizens against anyone seeking to abolish the constitutional order, in which their democracy, republic, basic rights, and “inviolable” human dignity is enshrined.


In the UK, machiavellian ploys to disenfranchise citizens are seen as part of the political game.

‘The Global Machine Behind the Rise of Far-Right Nationalism’


Europe is facing insidious soft-coercion from hostile foreign agents. The greatest irony being that this threat to national sovereignty is distilling through the politics of “globalised” nationalist movements.


A truly brilliant article, shining a light upon our darkest threats.



‘The Global Machine Behind the Rise of Far-Right Nationalism’, Jo Becker

“Real power lies not with the oppressors but with the oppressed.”


Now, I’m no fan of the right wing populists holding sway in Italy today – to the detriment of intellectualism and the decency of human equality – but I may well prefer them to the Italian predecessors of the last decade or more. Moreover, I may well prefer them to their rivals in the North.


The sad truth is, fallen amongst neo-liberal elites and Fabians, these populists, in their sincerity and ideological fervour, may be the best and last hope for the wretched and downtrodden, European nations and peoples south of the Alps and the Danube.


Without Italy standing up to Germany now, what hope is there for Greeks – who have been denied the right to invest, to work, to even partake in their culture for nearly a decade? What is the future of Spain – who’s young are forced (very much against their wishes) to emigrate and sell their labour to the very Northern Europeans who decimated their homelands while flouting EU laws themselves?


What benefit has Europe’s southern half reaped from having its currency artificially held above its competitive rate, so that Germany can have its artificially held down? What productivity gains or convergence have the south experienced as they are forced to austerely sell the family silver and reduce expenditures, while their northern neighbours’ huge states provide patient capital investment, universal world-class education and state run essentials?


Well, perhaps this article can help illuminate the disgrace:


‘Italy: How to Ruin a Country in Three Decades.’ – Yves Smith