“Playing the refs”

If you’re not abreast of these phenomena, than you’re simply not involved. Enjoy…

‘Trump Is Doing All of This for Zuckerberg’, Zeynep Tufekci

“Playing the refs by browbeating them has long been a key move in the right-wing playbook against traditional media. The method is simple: It involves badgering them with accusations of unfairness and bias so that they bend over backwards to accommodate a “both sides” narrative even when the sides were behaving very differently, or when one side was not grounded in fact. Climate-change deniers funded by fossil-fuel companies effectively used this strategy for decades, relying on journalists’ training and instinct to equate objectivity with representing both sides of a story. This way of operating persisted even when one of the sides was mostly bankrolled by the fossil-fuel industry while the other was a near-unanimous consensus of independent experts and academics.”

The Sunday Times


In a week that saw leaked documents revealing Boris’ Brexit deal will, contrary to his statements, create a border between Northern Ireland and mainland Britain, the Sunday Times decided to lead with this front cover, showing Boris shaking hands with Santa and a very evil looking Corbyn attached to a front page reviewing old anti-Semitism investigations into Labour Party members (not politicians, I should stress, simply people who paid the membership fee online).


Oh yeah, and a fun piece about a happy doctor…