Out of the frying pan, into the fire?


Theresa May is a tough act to follow. During her periods as Home Secretary and PM, she either failed to do anything or, worse yet, succeeded in doing something.


Be it aggressively promoting a “hostile environment” which has seen legitimate asylum seekers sent back to their fates (such as a shocking and still growing number of LGBTQ people sent back to homelands where they will face all manner of persecution) as well as British citizens of the Windrush generation denied their citizenship, sacked from jobs, denied access to the NHS and, to a still unaccounted extent, deported. Then there’s the total failure to achieve anything with regards to Brexit – other than rubbing acid into the national wounds opened by the referendum. Of course, there’s always the stagnating economy, which continues to fall further behind America and a hardly impressive European growth rate, or the disaster of Universal credit and, oh wait, pretty much everything else! The Environment, individual privacy protections, corruption, tax evasion, competition laws, investment, PFI disasters, the dissemination of fake news, housing crisis, savings crisis, wage crisis – you name it, there is not a single major issue affecting people of Britain today which has been made better or even curbed in its deterioration during May’s time in office.


And so, it is no small thing when I say, “Fuck me, I’d rather her than them!”


Welcome to the future and the end of days:


Owen Jones – Boris Johnson and the Tories’ embrace of Trumpism

Hegemony and the violence of objectification

Quote day! As I return to my blog, in supplication to my one or two followers after a long absence, I thought I’d strart off with this revealing line from Ayn Rand’s old friend, Big Al.


In 2007, Alan Greenspan, the former chair of the Federal Reserve, was asked by a Swiss newspaper which presidential candidate he was supporting. He said it didn’t matter:


“We are fortunate that, thanks to globalisation, policy decisions in the US have been largely replaced by global market forces. National security aside, it hardly makes any difference who will be the next president. The world is governed by market forces.”


By “objectification”, I am referring to a terrifying and violent form of horizontal power; the establishment of subjective, ideological beliefs – almost always closely aligned to the self-interest of their proponents – as ‘objective’, unquestionable facts.

Karl Rove: Cunt? yes. Genius? no.


An old but well written article about the “genius” Karl Rove from 2014. Though specifically about Rove, it highlights a particular preoccupation of mine, the media’s hyper-realities.


Ever spurned on by their own echo chambers and fawning over scandals like smack addicts, they tend to have about as much understanding of the ordinary person or life as the .1-percenters some of them oppose and most of them work for.


Perhaps it is because they over-estimate their own importance or the importance of the individuals and politics which form their major currency; perhaps it is because of the neoliberal mindsets which believe we live in meritocracies and success is always earnt and deserved – effectively sown into some people’s alleles; either way, it is evidently a hard worldview to shake as we see the media pulling out its old machiavellian narratives for the likes of Bannon (the man who lost Republicans the Alabama’s senate seat) and Dominic Cummings (the “secret” mastermind of Brexit who everyone knows about and really just broke a lot of electoral laws and invited the Mercers in) today.




Michael Tomasky, ‘Karl Rove May Be Evil, but He’s No Genius’


Below is a little article on a Karl Rove course now being offered by Masterclass:


Rove and Axelrod do Masterclass


I wonder if he’ll be sharing all his tactics – like darkening Obama’s skin in campaign adds like he did for McCain?..